Pathfinder 2013 - Ben's group

Log Entry - 12 September 4707

Sessions 1&2

The small, coastal town of Sandpoint found it difficult to put the past behind it when, during their annual Swallowtail Festival, goblins stormed the streets. The festivities, designed to bring closure to victims of the Late Unpleasantness and commemorate the completion of the town’s new cathedral, instead turned to chaos. Citizens fled, children cried, and buildings burned as the goblins ran wild.

Only a few members of the crowd before Father Zantus stood their ground: Godan, Kordin, Varya, and Xena Goblinstomper, an unlikely alliance, to say the least. United out of a desire to protect the less-able members of town (and themselves), the band fought off 10 goblins, their commander, and his goblin dog, as well as rescuing one Mr. Aldern Foxglove.

Impressed by their prowess, Ameiko Kaijitsu, adventurer-friendly owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn, offered the new party free room and board for the week. Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock were also convinced of the group’s merits, requesting the next morning that they come to deal with a “sensitive matter” at the cathedral. Inside the tomb of Father Tobyn, the party encountered two skeletons, evidently summoned via a now-depleted robe of bones. They also discovered the open casket of the former spiritual leader and several pairs of footprints – many goblin, one humanoid – leading over the cemetery walls.

Seeking to learn more about what this could mean and the dark past the town possesses (both known and unknown to locals), the group spoke to several members of the community, as well as personally investigating Chopper’s Isle and Turandarok Academy. Their work revealed a good deal about the Late Unpleasantness, but shed little light on the present dangers.

In the days that followed, the townspeople expressed their sincere gratitude to the “Heroes of Sandpoint,” none moreso than Aldern (though he “could have handled it”). The party accompanied the Magnimarian noble on a boar hunt to the Tickwood, hoping to learn more about his involvement in Sunday’s raid. While the trip did not earn them much more than dinner, they did learn a bit about Magnimar, Foxglove, and the Lost Coast region.

Upon their return, they were met by a tearful woman and her small child, begging they assist her and her husband in dealing with a goblin discovered in their home. The party found a gruesome scene at the Barrett house: the goblin, apparently trapped in a crawlspace for several days, had killed both the father and family dog. While Gromgurt was quickly dispatched, trying to defend “his food,” the damage was done.

Disheartened, the party returned to the Rusty Dragon for dinner, only to be faced with another unfortunate family situation. Lonjiku, Ameiko’s father, burst in, demanding to see her and bring her back to Magnimar, “away from all this.” At her refusal, he attempted to physical drag her out of the establishment, but was convinced (with Kordin’s help) to simply sling insults at his “embarrassment” daughter as he left.

While the two certainly did not part on good terms, his death was hardly easier to cope with when, after being assaulted and imprisoned by her brother’s goblins, Ameiko learned that Lonjiku had been stabbed and encased in glass at his business in town. The party managed to find and subdue Tsuto Kaijistu, though he refused to betray his cohorts.

His journal, on the other hand, was far more revealing. In it, the party found details of several potential attacks by the goblins of the surrounding woods, as well as information about Nulia (the supposed-dead, adopted daughter of Father Tobyn) and Tsuto’s future plans, including her apparent partial transformation into a demon of Lamashtu.

The party deposited Tsuto, cocooned in 50 feet of rope, at Kordin’s house in town after venturing into the smugglers’ tunnels beneath the Kaijtsu Glassworks. In a distant branch of said tunnels, they encountered a passageway which had been walled-up (as if that path was somehow undesirable) but recently reopened. Though they did not go far, what they encountered in the darkness was enough to convince them to return to the surface and recoup.

Now, joined by a vengeful Ameiko, the party prepares to re-enter the caves at dawn, seeking to discover it’s connection to Nulia, the goblins, and the “quasit” mentioned in Tsuto’s journal.


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