Pathfinder 2013 - Ben's group

Log Entry - 13 September 4707

Session 3

Before heading back to the catacombs, the group decided to stop by the cathedral and ask Father Zantus for any assistance he might be able to provide. Outside the building, they were hailed by a figure they did not recognize.

Jamtumal, a half-orc laborer in Sandpoint, wanted in on the Heroes’ new-found fame. He had also been in town for the goblin attack – killed a few of the buggers himself. Nothin’ so special about that. But here was the town, practically throwing a parade because a few misfits they’d never seen before didn’t run screaming. That was some easy recognition he wouldn’t mind. He said as much to the party and, while they remained understandably skeptical of his intentions, they agreed that another body would certainly be welcome against whatever they had encountered, down there.

Father Zantus soon emerged from the cathedral, ready to see the party off. He was surprised to see Ameiko and Jamtumal among their number, but agreed that the additional members could hardly hurt. He gladly applied a Shield to both Jamtumal and Godan, wished the Heroes good fortune, and went back inside to pray.

The trek back to the caves was uneventful, but gave the Heroes an opportunity to prep Jamtumal and Ameiko on what they were in for. Jamtumal was characteristically unconcerned, and Ameiko assured the group that she was ready for anything; she just wanted to see Nulia dealt with.

Her goal was not to be achieved that day, however. While the catacombs were certainly not empty, Nulia was nowhere to be found. Instead, the party dealt with several more of the mysterious creatures, a vargoulle, and a grotesque, three-armed goblin by the name of Koruvus. They also encountered a strange, replenishing pool of foul water, a large statue of a fearsome woman wielding a ranseur and a large book, unadorned except for a seven-pointed star on the cover. Ameiko thought this to be a depiction of one of the ancient Runelords.

Also in the catacombs were several cells filled with fragile bones, some appearing deformed and manipulated. In the room guarded by Koruvus, 11 pits contained individual human zombies, trapped for unknown decades. The party discovered two sets of spiral stairs, one leading up and the other down, but both appeared blocked by rubble. In a sprawling space, clearly dedicated to Lamashtu, they found the quasit mentioned in Tsuto’s journal.

Erylium fought vigorously to defend “her mother’s” room, but was quickly surrounded by Jamtumal and Godan. Before her defeat, she summoned another of the strange creatures from a mysterious, glowing pool in the floor. By dripping blood into the well as Erylium had done, the Heroes managed to summon and dispatch two more of the beasts, each time making the pool grow fainter, until it was completely extinguished.

No other signs of life remained in the catacombs, but echoes of its ancient power remained. Several magical wells (which Kordin advocated smashing) were scattered throughout this level, and a curious room, evidently enchanted by a permanent Levitation spell, crackled with energy, scrawling strange runes on the walls. In this chamber, the party recovered a valuable scroll and wand, as well as a book of Lamashtu.


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