Pathfinder goblin


These mean, little creatures love chaos, hate dogs and horses, and generally lead short, violent lives. They organize themselves into clans, usually based on family ties but sometimes on uneasy alliances between tribes. Goblins are the smallest and least threatening of the Goblinoid races, often finding themselves subservient to their larger kin, bugbears and hobgoblins. They often keep goblin dogs as pets and, occasionally, mounts.

Goblin young are raised communally and rather poorly at that. Female goblins appear to be more rare than male goblins and tribes like the Thistletop goblins will keep them in captivity.

Very flammable.


Suspected Alignment: CN
Approximate Health: 5
Offense: melee attacks with slashing weapons, light ranged weapons
Defense: evasive, light armor
Speed: average
Language: Goblin, sometimes Common


Weapons: Dogslicers, Horsechoppers, Shortswords, Daggers, Shortbows, Whips, Javelins, Torches
Armor: Leather, Studded Leather, Wooden Shields
Other: miscellaneous

Elite Units


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