This small, coastal port was founded just 41 years ago by four prominent Magnimarian merchant families.

While housing a population of only about 1,200 permanent residents, Sandpoint boasts most modern conveniences. Its industries include fishing, glass making, smithing, and alchemy, as well as featuring several shops, inns, bookstores, and spiritual sites. A few scholarly tourists also come to Sandpoint every year to investigate an ancient and vaguely magical tower, known as the Old Light.

The town’s history, while brief, has not been without incident. The relative prosperity and peace which Sandpoint enjoyed during its first 30 years was interrupted in 4702 by a series of events collectively called the Late Unpleasantness. For most residents, these misfortunes are still fresh, especially because the Swallowtail Festival which would have given some closure to many citizens, was disrupted by goblins.

Goblins are not an uncommon danger on the Lost Coast, but the nasty creatures usually cause little more than frustration. Five notable tribes – Birdcruncher, Seven Tooth, Licktoad, Mosswood, and Thistletop – and a few bugbears occupy the hinterlands surrounding Sandpoint, but until recently have never posed a serious threat. Their attack on the Festival, however, showed a level of organization that is worrisome to many.

The Late Unpleasantness

  • Ameiko and Tsuto Kaijitsu’s mother fell from the balcony of Kaijitsu Manor, dying on the rocks below
  • An eccentric local artist by the name of Stoot dubbed himself “Chopper” and went on a murderous rampage, killing 25 Sandpoint residents over the course of a month before finally succumbing to his wounds inside his hut on (what is now called) Chopper’s Isle
  • The town chapel burned down one night, killing Father Tobyn and (supposedly) his adopted daughter, Nulia.


Sandpoint Creatures


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